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HR Services for Your Unique Needs

WhatleyHR offers a full spectrum of on-demand and retainer-based services.

Personalized HR Solutions

When you don’t have the capacity or bandwidth to learn another skill set or the resources to employ your own experts, WhatleyHR is the affordable, proven solution you need.


Our personalized approach means you choose only the HR services you need to meet your organization’s unique challenges. From recruitment to compliance, get the HR solutions you need to reduce personnel challenges and improve organizational performance without blowing your budget.

New Business Startups

With so many moving parts and a lack of established processes, starting a new business can be just short of pure chaos. Get the guidance and support your leadership needs to build your company’s foundation.

  • Develop company culture to establish better employee relationships
  • Set expectations and guidelines with employee handbooks
  • Establish policies and procedures for employee onboarding, development and exit strategy
  • Implement onboarding solutions for pre-employment verification, HRIS and payroll
  • Launch employee benefit programs
  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local employment laws

HR Representation

For the times you need guidance on handling complicated or sensitive topics, WhatleyHR offers HR representation. Remove any uncertainty when responding to HR-related questions and provide a safe place for employees to discuss difficult topics.

  • Provide support and guidance to employees and management
  • Represent both parties when complex, specialized or sensitive questions come up
  • Provide employees with access to dedicated and knowledgeable human resources experts

HR Consulting & Compliance

Get peace of mind knowing you’re meeting all compliance requirements with essential HR services.

  • All services under HR Representation
  • Update employee handbook and communicate changes to employees
  • Maintain employee files
  • Update HR policies and procedures for employee onboarding, development, exit strategy, etc. as needed
  • Oversee leave-of-absence requests and workers’ compensation claims
  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local employment laws
  • Manage employee benefits programs
  • Ensure proper communications of employee expectations and documentation of performance reviews, reprimands and safety violations, as needed
  • Administer and execute routine tasks in delicate circumstances, such as providing reasonable accommodations, investigating allegations of wrongdoing, and terminations.
  • Partner with leadership to design and execute an effective workforce strategy

Candidate Recruitment

Keep your company culture intact while WhatleyHR recruits and hires talent that brings value to your company’s success.

  • Analyze the market, consult stakeholders, and manage budget
  • Post and boost job ads to recruit the best-qualified candidates
  • Screen applicants and schedule interviews
  • Communicate with applicants throughout the hiring process
  • Prepare offer letters and discuss terms of employment with potential new hires

New Employee Onboarding

Give a meaningful first impression and establish the structure needed to nurture new employee morale.

  • Facilitate new hire orientation and process all relevant paperwork
  • Manage onboarding solutions (HRIS, background checks, drug screening, etc.)
  • Ensure seamless transitions by communicating with new hires through their first 90 days
  • Manage benefits programs and COBRA administration

Employee Development

Build an effective team from the inside out. WhatleyHR develops effective processes and systems to retain employees by promoting internal growth and opportunities for advancement.

  • Develop a performance management process that allows employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Create defined career paths for each position within the company and the criteria needed to move up

Employee Exit Strategies

Employee exits aren’t always easy or straightforward. Whether the exit is voluntary or involuntary, you need dedicated support to ensure any employees leaving are shown the proper respect and given the resources they need to move on.

  • Provide guidance to the manager responsible for termination
  • Assist or lead the termination conversation
  • Process employee termination paperwork
  • Conduct exit interviews
  • Manage benefits programs and COBRA administration
  • Manage unemployment claims

Expert Support & Guidance in all HR-Related Matters

Create a personalized human resources solution that answers your company’s specific challenges.

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