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With more than 20 years of compliance, recruitment, and training experience, LaToya Whatley founded WhatleyHR in 2020 to help organizations navigate the complex rules and processes associated with human resources.


WhatleyHR’s mission is to provide affordable, personalized HR solutions to companies of all sizes. No matter the industry or market, we know your most valuable assets are the people who bring your business to life.


By recruiting and developing talent that exemplifies dedication, innovation, and passion, we help your organization fill vacancies within your teams with the people that will help you find new success and scale.


And working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, and HR directors, we’ve developed systems to enhance profitability and productibility in organizations of all sizes.


These systems also ensure your company maintains compliance with all federal, state and local laws. This helps prevent the risk of penalties, fines or scandals, therefore maintaining the public’s trust in your business.

LaToya Whatley, WhatleyHR

Customized vs. Personalized HR Solutions

WhatleyHR offers personalized, affordable HR solutions to meet your specific needs. This is different from other HR agencies that offer customized packages.


With a customized HR solution, a consulting agency will provide you with a menu of available packages comprised of different services, letting you choose the package that most closely matches your needs. Unfortunately, this means you often pay for services you don’t actually need.


WhatleyHR’s personalized approach means you choose only the services you need to resolve your organization’s unique challenges. 


No matter the industry, market, or size of your company, WhatleyHR provides on-demand or retainer-based support to help you manage and facilitate the HR tasks you need to operate successfully and responsibly:

HR Structure, Policies and Guidance

Get effective human resources solutions that reduce personnel challenges and improve organizational performance without blowing your budget.

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